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Graston Technique in Lewiston

Graston therapy is a form of deep tissue mobilization technique which is accomplish using stainless steel instruments. This non invasive therapy utilize various shape instruments in order to mobilize tissue and fascial restriction to relieve pain. Graston technique can be use to various part of the body including extremities. Lately, It has been widely utilized and publicized thru athletes to enhance performance. Michael Phelps is a famous example on how Graston technique can improve performance. However, it is not only reserve for athletes and many patients with chronic soft tissue pain and muscular spasm can greatly benefit from this technique.

Each practitionner verse in Graston technique need a certification which is generally acquire thru training and examination for proper qualification and safe application . Our office has been amongst the first office in this area and State of Maine to obtain it's certification. If you would like further information regarding this technique also called Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, do not hesitate to give our office a call. Most major Health Insurance as well as Worker's Compensation cover this procedure.

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