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Electrotherapy in Lewiston

Spinal manipulation alone can be very beneficial for patient with back pain but sometime electrotherapy combined with manual therapy ( spinal manipulation) can be very effective to enhance the effect of your Chiropractic treatment and overall experience. Often therapy provided along with spinal manipulation help in providing a more long term relief and often assist in the curative process. Maine Chiropractic does offer many differents form of electrotherapy such as:

Intereferential: This form of therapy is designed to allow further relaxation of your muscle along your spine or other part of your body. Special electrode pads are use in order to achieve the desire effect. This is particularly use when muscle are very tight and do not want to relax.

Muscular Stimulation: low voltage muscular stimulation can be a very beneficial form of therapy to enhance your overall long term effect as this help to reinforce your core musculature near your spine in order to further "stabilize" your spine for a long lasting pain relief. This is often perform toward the end of your care for further muscular strenght and stability.An exercise program is also recommended along to enance the effect.

Microstimulation: This is another form of muscular stimulation and often use toward "trigger point" in order to stimulate them and allowing further muscular relaxation. This therapy is often apply toward Accupressure point.

Ultrasound: While not technically consider a form of electrotherapy as there is no current involved with this form of therapy , ultrasound can be quite beneficial in a variety of condition to reduce pain and improve healing. This therapy is use with a probe similar to a Doppler ultrasound used at your local hospital.

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