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Computerized Fixation Imaging Study in Lewiston

Standard Spinal manipulation is delivered as a hand on technique and is a well accepted form of manual therapy with good result and great outcome. However, with certain patient who has contraindication and are unable to receive hands on manipulation due to fear of the procedure or have a medical condtion who prevent delivery of such therapy, Computerized Fixation imaging study could be a great alternative approach.

Our office utilized a computer attached to a sophisticated software to detect area of dysfunction in the spine where there is segmental hypomobility (lack of movement and area of abnormal motion. Once the computer detect area to be adjusted or mobilized, a small probe deliver proper motion by gently taping the spine until motion in the vertebra is detected. Numerous parameter and option can be selected such as force, intensity and duration of the segment to be manipulated. Area to be manipulated is display on a graph with display of area most severely affected.

This particular instrument can be quite helpful for patient who does not tolerate or fear hands on spinal manipulation technique. This carry minimal or no risk to spine and can improve condition rapidly. Initial evaluation usually will determine if you could be a candidate for this type of procedure. On the other hand , if you had prior spinal manipulation or spinal adjustment and did not tolerate it well, Computerized Fixation imaging Study or FRAS (Functional Recording Analysis System) could be a viable alternative for you. Do not hesitate to contact our office or schedule an apt to discuss this procedure.

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