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Independent Medical Evaluation

On some occasion, when your current care whether been Medical or Chiropractic does not goes as planned or improvement is not as expected, an independent Medical or Chiropractic evaluation could be helpful in order to have a fresh look at your condition from a neutral perspective. A full and complete examination is performed followed by a review or request of your prior medical record and imaging study ( X-ray, MRI or CT scan) which are re evaluated for possible missed information or review for current treatment plan which has not been as effective. Sometime a call to other Physicians is made to further comprehend and help to understand what has not worked for you. Several patients has been seen at our office for such evaluation and we do get Medical referrals on a regular basis for evaluation when other treatment failed to deliver expected result. If you would like further information or schedule an IME, please do not hesitate to contact our office. Whether it is for a failed back surgery, current Orthopedic or physical therapy treatment, injection or seeing your Primary care provider, if treatment are not helpful, we are there to offer a comprehensive review of your problem and offer solution and guidance.