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On-site X-Ray Facility in Lewiston

Maine Chiropractic Health Clinic offer a full and complete radiographic facilities for the diagnosis of Musculoskeletal disorder as well as spinal pain. In September of 2016, Maine Chiropractic Health Clinic upgraded his facilities to full digital radiograph.This means less radiation exposure for you, better contrast and quality radiograph and faster processing time so you do not have a long wait when radiograph are taken. In addition. we can have a faster report by certified radiologist when necessary. Digital film are instantly upload to all our computer for easy and quick retrieval when necessary. For your convenience , radiograph can also be transfer to a CD/DVD for your personal record.

Also, but not the least , our decision to upgrade is a better choice for the environment as we do not handle physical film any further and have completely eliminated our chemical product which were necessary while developping film.This is better for the environment and for our staff which does not have to be exposed to those unhealthy procedures.

If we determine that radiograph might be helpful in diagnosis of your condition, then radiographic studies might be helpful and convenient to have it on-site. While hospital and other facilities do offer radiograph, cost for x-ray at our Chiropractic facilities will usually be substantially lower than other facilities. This combined with the service of a Radiological technician on staff trained for Chiropractic procedure as well as a full report review by a certified radiologist as an option, you can be have the expertise of a professional team available at a very reasonnable cost. Now with the availability of full digital radiograph, you can rest assure that you have a state-of-the-art facility.

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