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Below are testimonials from patients of Maine Chiropractic Health Clinic.

Our 14 year old son, Josh, had chronic headaches for two years. When I say chronic, I mean 24/7. More than ten minutes of study or physical activity was impossible, triggering more pain, vertigo, sleep and stomach issues associated with the headaches.

In trying to determine the source of the headaches, we naturally started with our pediatrician, then two allergists, two ENT's, pediatric neurologist, three PT's, adult neurologist, Boston Children's Hospital, two chiropractors, homeopath as well as various meds, x-rays, bloodwork, a lumbar puncture and MRI's, to name a few. We felt the headaches probably stemmed from a whiplash Josh suffered in a snow tube accident four years earlier, but so far, only in theory. For nearly two years his condition was basically unchanged. All the while missing nearly two years of school.

During my husbands own visit to Dr. Dionne he happened to mention Josh's story to his staff and was encouraged to bring him in. On Dr. Dionne's own evaluation, research and x-rays he discovered a 3-4 millimeter slippage forward and backward in vertebrates 4 and 5 not yet detected by any other practitioner. Upon Dr. Dionne's recommendations for treatment and oversight, one month later, Josh is headache free. Never to any degree has one headache returned. Something no one else has been able to accomplish. He's been known to be the doctor "who see's things" no one else does. I'd have to agree.

To say we are indebted to Dr. Dionne and his wonderful staff for our sons healthy status is simply not saying enough. How do you thank someone for giving your son's life back to him?

-- Orette P.

Dr. Dionne has been a very good doctor for me and my family. I have been seeing him since 1991 for back problems I was experiencing. He has also taken care of my mother and my late husband. My mother experienced problems with her neck and no other doctor could help her. Dr. Dionne was able to help her to the point she doesn't has as much pain as she had. I have recommended siblings, children, and friends to Dr. Dionne's office and they have all felt the same way I do. Dr. Dionne has become a part of my family along with the people who work for him.

-- Carmille L.

Dr. Dionne has been my chiropractor for over ten years. He was referred to me by my sister when she became aware of my chronic pain. I had been diagnoses by my primary care physician at different periods of time with fibromyalgia, diverticulitis, osteoporosis, sciatica, and various joint and back problems. At one time, I was visiting Dr. Dionne for treatments twice a week. I am now on maintenance and see him every few months when the need arises.

Recently, he cured me of pain from a pulled muscle in one treatment! Needless to say, my relief was immediate and my knee regained freedom of movement. Also, my headaches from "widow's hump" have been alleviated by his intervention. He even offered me nutritional advice when I mentioned my diverticulitis symptoms. I was surprised to notice improved digestion when I took his diet recommendations.

Dr. Dionne is an excellent medical professional and is congenial and efficient. His office staff and assistants are pleasant, organized and make you feel at ease with the healing process. Lastly, I would like to mention that Dr. Dionne is bilingual, which is a definite asset when you have a medical practice in Lewiston, Maine.

In closing, I would heartily recommend Dr. Dionne to anyone who needs relief and healing from chronic conditions. My quality of life and self-sufficiency at my age is partly due to his care and I expect that I will be a patient of Dr. Dionne's for many years to come.

-- Jacqueline L.

If it were not for my chiropractor I would be in constant pain. Dr. Dionne is my saviour. Whenever I am in pain, whether it be my neck, back, hips, or shoulders, I know that Dr. Dionne is just a call away and will relieve my pain. You cannot imagine what a periodic spine alignment can do for your whole well being. Thank you Maine Chiropractic Health Clinic!

-- Roger A.

I was telling a friend of mine of the back pain I was having and he referred me to his chiropractor, Dr. Luc Dionne. It was the same chiropractor my mother and brother had told me about and they recommended him highly as well. I made an appointment and after Dr. Dionne tood x-rays, he told me I had a disc in my lower back that was severely out of place, and it was caused by a defect in the disc that I had been born with. After a few visits, he aligned my back, and the back pain went away. I do the exercises he's given me to keep my back muscles strong. I see him every 3 months for follow-up visits. My back feels great, and now I refer Dr. Dionne to everybody I talk to who has back pain. (And I do talk to everybody--my wife says I can talk to a post.)

-- Al L.

My husband told me I should make an appointment with his chiropractor, Dr. Luc Dionne, for my neck pain. I was scared when I went to see him. He took x-rays and told me I had bone spurs and arthritis in my neck and that the curve of my neck went forward instead of backward, giving me a stooped appearance. I told him if his treatments were going to hurt me, I didn't want them. After he assured me he wouldn't hurt me, I began seeing him weekly, then every two weeks and then three weeks. I started to feel like I was walking straighter and standing taller and no longer had any neck pain. Dr. Dionne tells me I will probably have to do his exercises for the rest of my life, but that's ok because I feel great. I am not on a 6 week follow-up schedule and hope to go to every 2 months soon. Dr. Dionne teases me about how I used to be so scared of him. In fact, he is a very kind, gentle man, and I would recommend his services to anybody.

-- Rita L.

Dr. Luc Dionne has been my chiropractor for more than ten years. I was referred to him by my internist who has much trust and belief in Dr. Dionne's capabilities as a medical practitioner. Dr. Dionne has treated my for old and new skeletal injuries as well as chronic back pain. I have scheduled follow up appointments and whenever I experience extreme pain, I always feel free to call his office to be seen and I am treated with utmost professional respect and care by the doctor and his staff. Dr. Dionne is also very knowledgeable and able to answer many medical questions I find important to ask. I would recommend Dr. Dionne to family, friends and whoever would have the need to be seen by a chiropractor.

-- Rachelle M.

I have been a salesman for the last 40 years, causing me to be in and out of my car well over 100 times per week. It was not long before I came down with low back problems. This along with a couple of bad falls left me with an injured shoulder also. At first I tried seeing my primary doctor for relief, but this proved in vain. Then I tried Chiropractic care. What a difference that made! Fortunately I found Dr. Luc Dionne and for the last 20 years he has made a huge difference in my overall health. His Chiropractic skills and general concern about my health and well-being has made a big improvement in my life. I strongly recommend Chiropractic care to all my friends and family.

-- Roger D.

I would like to take this time to thank Luc Dionne and his staff for the great care. To keep me going since my accident in 1997. I went to see him after all the therapy did not work. He is very professional and take care at what he does. My first visit was unbelievable. I felt like a million bucks with no pain. My doctor said he was the best in the area. I send all my friends and family to him. If I have a problem his staff always gets me in to see him. Again, thank you Luc Dionne and staff for your commitment.

-- Ray H.

Here is what some of our patients say about IDD Therapy...

Suffering for many years with back pain, and after two back operations, I was told I needed a third operation. The operation took care of the pain for a month or two, then it was back worse than ever.

I heard of Dr. Dionne and went to him for a consultation. After checking my x-rays and studying my medical conditions, I was told I'd be a candidate for IDD. I had the treatment (IDD) done. I feel like I have a new back and I am doing things I haven't been able to do for a long time.

The IDD treatments with Dr. Dionne and his therapist Becky, and the rest of his staff, have given me a new lease on my life. Many, many thanks.

~ Jean R

During pregnancy almost thirty years ago, I developed a left drop foot. Fifteen years later my L4-5 disc herniated. This disc re-herniated five years ago during a car crash. Many years of physical therapy, chiropractic adjustments, light weight training and acupuncture failed to improve the drop foot.

On the recommendation of a friend treated by Dr. Dionne, I made an appointment. IDD Therapy was my last hope to walk more normally.

After the extensive preliminary examination, Dr. Dionne stated that due to my long history of back injuries results might be less dramatic than in some cases, but he believed he could help me.

And indeed he did. I am now able to flex and extend my left foot. Daily walks are becoming adventures instead of challenges, and Dr. Dionne and his staff have my deepest gratitude.

~ Michelle D.

On 8-2-2010 I began IDD Therapy for a disc problem in my lower back. At that time I was unable to walk well without a lot of pain in my back, down the front and back of my legs, knees and feet. I was unable to lay horizontally in bed without severe cramping and pain in both legs and back. Unable to function in my house or socialize as usual my quality of life began to diminish.

Today 10-4-2010 I am walking well with little or no pain. I have good strength in both legs. I have no pain when horizontal and can function around the house and socialize comfortably. I feel IDD Therapy has greatly helped me. I was facing invasive surgery and I am very thankful that I learned from a friend of the IDD Therapy as a choice for my recovery.

~ Nancy H.

I have found the IDD Therapy to have been helpful to me. My back feels better and the pain is much better. My back used to feel like it was going to crack in two. I was afraid to cough, sneeze, etc. for fear of my back going out. I am pleased and have found the IDD to have been a positive therapy in my case. It has been less than a year for me, however, I am more confident of my back now than in the past ten years or so.

~ Rose D.

I am truly amazed at the success of IDD Therapy. Dr. Dionne diagnosed me in late March 2010 with having a ruptured disc that was extending seven millimeters against the sciatic nerve. He thus recommended IDD Therapy. I had heard about someone else having the same condition, but it took nine months of rest to get better. I wanted faster results. I also chose IDD Therapy because my wife had it for a bulging disc three years ago and received positive results.

Prior to starting IDD Therapy, I had to use a walker for mobility, sleep on my side in the fetal position with a pillow between my knees, and take pain medication. Due to not being able to lie on my back or straighten up, I wasn't sure I could do the therapy. Dr. Dionne was able to suggest ways to accommodate the situation, and by the seventh day, I was able to lie on my back during the remainder of the treatments. By the sixth week I actually fell asleep during a portion of a session.

I have not had any problems with my back since having IDD Therapy; therefore, I can highly recommend this treatment for anyone who has similar conditions. It is a wonderful alternative to invasive/extensive surgery or injections.

~ Ron L.

I suffered with back pain for several months. I tried cortizone shots and they didn't help at all. I turned to Dr. Dionne and IDD Therapy. Within two weeks into my treatment I was getting better. My sciatic pain was gone. Now seven weeks later I'm done therapy and happy to say done with back pain! I would definitely recommend this IDD Therapy to anyone with back pain. Thanks again Dr. Dionne and staff.

~ Theresa W.

Six months ago I had two herniated discs in my lower back that pressed against nerves which caused intense pain to the outside of my left calf. This pain spread and intensified until I reached the point where I could barely walk. I had been through three disc surgeries to repair them and now was facing another more radical procedure where the two discs would be removed then replaced with bone grafts, pins and screws. This would mean a 10-hour surgery, months of recovery, a body brace, a bone regenerating device and a foot-long scar. I would be fine if there were no mistakes or infection.

I did not think I had a better option until I read about IDD Therapy. I was immediately intrigued by the concept of a non-invasive method drawing the discs back in through decompression and getting oxygen and nutrients back into areas that were nearly dead. I was told by Dr. Dionne that the extent of my herniations would test the limits of this type of therapy but I was a good candidate for success in the form of pain relief and overall spinal health.

Since I had two weeks before the scheduled surgery I decided to try IDD Therapy and see how I would respond. If there was no improvement I could still go through with the surgery.

I was a little apprehensive the first time I was strapped to the Accu-Spina machine but found the total experience to be quite soothing and restful. The professional and candid clinicians eased any fears and the process was painless. I came to enjoy my daily "stretch" and in a matter of days I realized the pain was becoming less intense and after two weeks nearly non-existent. I began to feel so well that I canceled the surgery.

After completing the IDD Therapy followed by an exercise regimen to strengthen my core, I feel as good as ever. I would definitely recommend IDD Therapy over surgery when it is a viable option as it was for me.

I want to thank Dr. Dionne, Becky, Brenda, and all the staff for a wonderful and successful recovery.

~ Bert B.

I would like to express my gratitude to you and your staff members for the amazing experience during my IDD Therapy sessions. When you walk in the doors, you are greeted with warmth from every staff member. They truly care for you and your well being. I would recommend your practice to anyone and would not hesitate to do so. The IDD Therapy helped me a great deal. Each session I had, I was getting better and better each and every time. I've never heard about this type of therapy and was so happy that it was introduced to me because I would recommend it to anyone. I would like to express once again, how much I'm grateful to have found Maine Chiropractic Health Clinic.

~ Teresa J.

I just wanted to express my gratitude for all the wonderful care that you have given me. When I first went to your office, I was in a lot of pain and at times could hardly walk. You recommended me for the IDD Therapy and it has worked wonders. I am now having no back spasms and have dramatically decreased headaches. I can't say enough about how that therapy changed my life. Thank you again.

~ Laura C.

I had chronic headaches for two years. My primary physician tried multiple medications and with no success sent me to a neurologist. After multiple tests his answer was even more medications. I had been taking prescription and over the counter medications daily this entire time. I found that my liver enzymes were elevated because of some of the medications and was told I would have to start medication for that. Desperate, I thought I'd try a chiropractor or acupuncture. I am so grateful that I chose the chiropractor.

I remember my first visit explaining my situation to Dr. Dionne with tears in my eyes, looking for any relief for my headaches. After my first visit I was sent for tests which led to the discovery of a disc problem in my neck. I started IDD Therapy right away. It seemed after each visit my headaches were less frequent. I don't think I can put into words my gratitude for what I call the new me.

It's been about 3 months now and I am a completely different person. I have a home TracCollar that I use 20 minutes, 2 times a day. My last blood work just came back from my primary physician and my liver enzymes are back to normal too.

I am indebted to Dr. Dionne and his staff... Thank you so very much.

~ Tracy S.

I am 89 years old. Last April, I started losing my legs. I couldn't walk without a walker, putting all my weight on my arms. Dr. Dionne put me on therapy for six weeks in May. I went through six weeks of therapy. I did not give up. I started to walk with my walker. Then I walked with a cane. Now I walk without either. I was well without. Now I can walk again.

~ Gracienna S.

I have had chronic back pain and sciatica leg pain for years. I have had back surgery and also approximately 10-12 epidural cortisone injections over the last 7 years. I was about to have my second surgery when someone suggested that I contact Dr. Dionne and discuss doing IDD Therapy instead of surgery. I brought my MRI, he looked at them and said he could help me. I completed the program in 2006 and since then have not had any injections or surgery. Immediately after starting IDD Therapy the sciatica paid disappeared and the lower back pain went from a pain level of 8 to a 2. I have a very physical job and continue to lift and work every day and have no intentions on another surgery. Dr. Dionne and his staff were great and I would recommend to anyone with back or leg pain to consider IDD Therapy before having surgery. I'm very glad I did. Thanks again Dr. Dionne and staff.

~ Mark M.

I had a severe neck issue for quite some time and had a very hard time holding my head up without assistance. I was asked to give IDD a try instead of surgery. I was made to feel very comfortable while receiving treatments of traction. The staff treated me very nice. I started to feel better after the first couple of weeks on IDD Therapy. Since completing all of my treatments I am now able to hold my neck up without any assistance or support. I would certainly recommend having treatment on the Accu-Spina table/IDD Therapy to anyone as it helped me a great deal.

~ Lucie M.

After years of pain from a compressed and bulging disc, it felt great to be stretched out on the table. I wish I had one of the IDD Therapy treatment tables at home.

~ Joanne S.

One day I really over did things and was in horrible pain from an injury before going to see Dr. Dionne. The pain was so bad that it was difficult to walk and the slightest wrong move sent a pain like an electric shock down my right leg that sometimes made my knees buckle. My daily routine had become an ordeal. I was even losing sleep. A couple of adjustments to my spine by Dr. Dionne brought me significant, but not complete relief. I was a lot better but there was still enough pain to slow me down. Dr. Dionne recommended I try traction therapy on the Accu-Spina table. The therapy took only a few weeks and it accelerated my recovery. I felt improvement with each session and was able to reduce the amount of medication I took. I started getting quality sleep again. By the time the therapy was complete, I was back to my old self. Today I hardly need so much as an aspirin and I am back to doing all sorts of stupid things!

~ Dirk B.

I would like to take a minute and say what a life changing experience the "Accu-Spina" table has been for me: from nights sitting up in a chair because I was in so much pain I could not lay down, and endless pills, to pain free and fully mobile. I would recommend the treatment to any candidate. The difference from watching life go by to being active and pain free is a blessing. Thank you!

~ Judy B.

After having low back pain off and on for several years, the pain just would not go away for the past four months. After several appointments with Dr. Dionne, he suggested that I would be a good candidate for the IDD Therapy. After careful consideration I agreed with Dr. Dionne and decided to proceed. The results were fantastic after the first week. After the second week I could sleep through the night without waking up once. At that point I was in awe how well this therapy was working. After several weeks and at the completion of my therapy, I haven't felt this good in ten years. I would recommend IDD Therapy to anyone who has the opportunity to have it done. Thanks.

~ Mitch D.

I was a horrible pain after my car accident. I had to move slowly and had a difficult time sitting or standing for too long. When I first saw Dr. Dionne, I could barely move off the table. I felt like an 80-year old trapped in a 43-year old body. Having to take heavy pain medications was something I despised because I hated the way it made me feel. I've had two spinal injections, both afforded me no relief whatsoever. I was very skeptical that IDD could work but wanting to avoid surgery, I tried it. It turned out to be the best thing I ever did. My pain level went from an 8 to a 2 at the completion of my sessions. Not to mention I have not taken a pain pill since. The way I see it is if you are facing surgery, you really have nothing to lose by at least giving IDD a chance. Looking at me today, you would never know that I have a very large herniated disc. I've tried everything but surgery and nothing worked, except for IDD Therapy. I owe my relief to IDD and the wonderful staff at Dr. Dionne's office who made my visits so pleasant.

~ Denise R.