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Iontophoresis in Lewiston

Sometime inflammation can result in acute or chronic pain where standard Chiropractic technique or therapy is unable to rapidly improve a certain condition. This is where localized iontophoresis delivered with a transdermal patch can effectively and rapidly relieve pain associated with inflammation.

Usually, our office utilized Dexamethasone, which is a similar medication used with intramuscular injection or IV (intravenous) which help control pain.Contrary to the use of needle to deliver medication , this procedure is completely painless as we only use a patch to deliver medication. Therefore there is no needle involved.

This is fast, effective and bring rapid relief. This approach combined with standard Chiropractic procedure or therapy can be quite effective at helping to reduce inflammation and pain. However, this is not seen as a long term solution but rather an effective way to control acute pain in order to better target and address the source of your pain for a more long term improvement and relief.

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