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Telemedicine/ Telehealth services

Telemedicine, sometimes called Telehealth services is a new way to create a virtual consultation with your health care provider (Dr Dionne) at your convenience and choice of place. All you nee is a Desktop computer, labtop, iPad, tablets or simply a smartphone. This is particularly helpful when patient is unable to make an appointment with their providers due to serious health condition, a chronic illness which make it difficult to access your provider.

Telemedicine or Telehealth services allow you to:

*Monitor the status of your health condition(s)

*As a new patient who never came to the office, this allow you to have a preliminary consultation online to investigate if your condition can be treated at the office

*Have access to your provider if you feel sick or are unable to leave your home

*Make a convenient appointment remotely from any location

*Schedule an online appointment for a second opinion and a complete review of your condition.

Most Health insurances now cover telemedicine or telehealth services and sometimes without copay ( usually during crisis or national health emergency such as pandemic). If you are unsure about the coverage of telemedicine with your insurer, please do not hesitate to contact our office at (207) 786-0393 to inquire about this services. If you do not have insurance coverage, you can inquire about our cost by calling our office.

If you would like to get started with a consultation involving Telemedicine, please visit the "Telemedicine" section of our website.